Equine AquaTRAK™, LLC



Chris Baccari


Baccari Bloodstock, LLC


"An advantage to utilizing the AquaTRAK™ versus traditional sales prepping methods is that it uses cold salt water therapy. Nothing else allows you to continue conditioning your horses while doing therapy at the same time."

Laure Connelly


Bradford Lane Farm


"Over the years, I have found the underwater treadmill to be a valuable tool in our thoroughbred rehab program. We use it for everything from soft tissue injuries to orthopedic cases, for strength and conditioning, and for helping horses after surgery to safely and gently return to training.

Now with the added component of chilled salt water, we can provide relief from inflammation and promote healing. This new unit will surely help us achieve our goal of bringing each horse back to their best possible form."

Anne Prince


Prince Farm


"The AquaTrak™ is nothing short of amazing. It has an endless capacity and is the only unit of its kind to offer a 2 in 1 combination of treadmill and cold saltwater. It gave us an incredible edge this past year in our conditioning program, allowing us to sculpt and shape, targeting different muscle groups. With the first stallion to ever become the All American Quarter Horse Congress Grand Champion and AQHA World Champion as a yearling, the results speak for themselves!"

Amy Hassinger


Hassinger Farm


"With the AquaTrak™, I am able to develop a level of strength and flexibility from my ponies through my show jumpers that otherwise would be very difficult to achieve simply by riding them."