Equine AquaTRAK™, LLC



The AquaTRAK™ provides the flexibility to meet each horse's specific needs for training or rehabilitation by allowing you to:

  • vary the depth of the water
  • choose from a "dry" treadmill, fresh water, or salt water
  • choose to chill the salt water to 42 degrees Fahrenheit

The water in the tanks is kept fresh through filtering and the use of a salt water chlorinator. Best of all, the water is recycled and sanitized making it usable for multiple horses.

Key components of this flexible aquatic system include:

  • 1,000 gallon water storage tank
  • 500 gallon insulated reservoir (chiller tank) & chiller
  • Salt water chlorination system
  • Filtering system allowing water to be recycled and reused

Please note that this unit is designed as a water unit and therefore must always have water covering the bearings. A horse may use the treadmill "dry" as long as the bearings are covered with water to the level of the belt.