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Equne AquaTRAK™, LLC

How do the horses feet do with all the water?

We have no problem with soft walls or soles that you normally associate with water. The AquaTRAK™ uses a salt water chlorination system which assists in preventing moisture from being pulled from the hoof. As a result, the water does not affect their feet in any negative way and actually helps their feet get better and grow faster by increasing the sole depth due to the increased circulation in the digital cushion.

If you do find that your horses hooves are too moist for some reason, we find that the issue can quickly be resolved through application of corn starch or talcum powder to the clean soles.

How do I introduce a horse to the AquaTRAK?

This unit is above ground and has see-through entry and exit doors. We recommend that you familiarize your horse with the unit by walking him up and into it, closing the doors and letting him stand. When he is standing quietly, open the exit door and walk him out.

Repeat this until he is consistently quiet in the treadmill and then you can begin introducing the treadmill in motion and the water. We find that an average horse needs to be walked through the unit about three times to get comfortable with it and be ready to exercise in the unit.

Do the horses panic when is starts to fill up with water?

The salt water enters from the bottom and the fresh water trickles down the side from the rear of the horse. In both cases, the water enters the treadmill slowly and quietly so the horse has a chance to become accustomed to the water.

What if a horse gets into trouble?

AquaTRAK™ is equiped with four, easy to access and/or automatically activated, built insafety mechanisms. The emergency options include:

  • Emergency treadmill stop
  • Emergency water evacuation
  • Emergency treadmill brake (manual)
  • Treadmill sensors (stop for 15 seconds and then restart gradually); allows you to stabilize your horse and resume the session quickly and easily.

How much does the AquaTRAK cost?

The base unit starts at $160,000. Talk to your AquaTRAK™ representative to discuss your configuration options and to get a detailed quote.

Why is hydrotherapy so beneficial?

Studies have shown that horses recover from injury 50-60 times faster with the use of hydrotherapy than with the use of other therapies. This is because water creates buoyancy, high resistance and hydrostatic pressure on joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Hydrostatic pressure enhances blood flow and reduces swelling, which in turn contributes to accelerated healing and reduced recovery time. Combine these functions with water's thermal effect and the therapeutic benefits are unparalleled.

What conditions can hydrotherapy be used to treat?

The use of hydrotherapy contributes to the modulation and reduction of pain, joint decompression, and reduction of friction between articulating joints. Hydrotherapy is also used beneficially for: arthritis and other forms of gait/coordination disorders; muscle atrophy; the loss of range of motion; back injuries; paralysis; hip dysplasia; weight issues; overall deterioration; and pain. It can aid in retraining after nerve damage and other infirmities as well as to help prevent injuries. It is also an effective tool for massage.

The use of hydrotherapy is beneficial in the treatment of:

  • Arthritis & paralysis
  • Gait & coordination disorders
  • Muscle atrophy & Hip displaysia
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Overall deterioration
  • Retraining after nerve damage
  • Tendonitis, laminitis & sore shins
  • Poor hoof growth; brittle hooves
  • Wounds
  • General soreness & stiffness
  • Ligament injuries & joint conditions
  • Injury prevention


What is cold salt water therapy?

Cold salt water therapy or cryotherapy relies on the water temperature and salt concentration for its healing properties.

Water Temperature is maintained between 5 and 6°c (42° f), to minimize heat and inflammation, providing analgesic pain management plus inhibiting enzyme degeneration of tendons post injury.

Salt Concentration acts as a hypertonic poultice as well as having a natural healing effect on wounds. Water density increases with salt concentration, which in turn increases pressure to aid fluid and waste dispersal.

How does cold salt water therapy work?

AquaTrak™ takes the healing process to a whole new level by being the first unit in the world to integrate above ground, aquatic treadmill therapy with cold salt water therapy (cryotherapy). It is an advanced treatment modality used for the reduction of inflammation in lower leg injuries and as a means for preventing injury. The use of salt water at a temperature of between 5° and 6°C (42°F) acts as a topical analgesic to manage the level of pain; prevent the build up of fluid around the injury by decreasing the permeability of the blood vessel walls; and most importantly, reduces the metabolic response of cells so they require less oxygen resulting in less damage to a specific area. In essence, this means that the body's natural healing process can begin to work more quickly and effectively.

The higher the concentration of salt in the water combined with salt's natural 'drawing' effect, means the greater its ability to disperse fluid accumulating around the injury. Put another way, water density increases with salt concentration, which in turn increases pressure to aid in fluid and waste dispersal. With the AquaTrak™, the water is aerated to stimulate tissues and massage the horse.

Cryotherapy is also an important method of injury prevention. The use of cold water therapy immediately after serious exercise reduces the instances of swelling and inflammation. It also notably improves the surface bone density and inhibits bone stress-related injuries.

What are the benefits of an aquatic or water treadmill?

AquaTrak™ integrates the superior benefits of hydrotherapy with a non-slip, solid surface treadmill to further enhance the rehabilitation process and significantly aid in conditioning. Hydrokinetic exercise is facilitated by using the horse's own natural movement to improve performance, increase cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and promote correct posture and gait in a safe, controlled environment. By adjusting the speed of the AquaTrak™ treadmill belt and modifying the water level to create more or less buoyancy and resistance, it is possible to modify a horse's movement pattern for rehabilitation/conditioning purposes.

The AquaTrak™ treadmill accommodates the horse so it can expend a full range of motion more easily and with significantly lower impact than with traditional exercise under saddle. Using the treadmill in a rehabilitation setting reduces the impact on limbs while supporting soft tissue mobilization. Additionally, it allows for a full-body exercise, increases stride and uses muscles without the concussion of normal, high-stress exercise. This is a much safer way to reintroduce a horse back into regular work after coming off an injury and a valuable intermediate phase prior to going back to full weight-bearing exercise.