Equine AquaTRAK™, LLC


AquaTRAK improves speed

AquaTRAK™ aids in enhancing the core athletic ability of the equine by increasing strength, speed, agility and endurance. AquaTRAK™ helps to increase speed by:

  • Providing an optimal low impact exercise option without the issues associated with swimming or other high impact exercise
  • Enabling variable resistance training through controlling the type, depth and temperature of the water
  • Use of a customizable and repeatable training program for each horse
  • Use of appropriate warm-up, exercise and cool-down periods (unlike swimming)
  • Building core strength by targeting specific muscle groups including those typically under-utilized with traditional training methods
  • Promoting correct posture and gait via through water resistance
  • Enabling the horse to extend through a full range of motion
  • Use of the cryotherapy option for the ultimate in recovery from exercise or injury and/or rehabilitation from injury