Equine AquaTRAK™, LLC


AquaTRAK™ is the first unit in the world to integrate above ground, aquatic treadmill therapy (hydrotherapy) with cold salt water therapy (cryotherapy) and takes the conditioning and rehabilitation process to a whole new level.

Cryotherapy is an advanced treatment modality used for the reduction of inflammation in lower leg injuries and as a means for preventing injury. The use of salt water at a temperature of between 5° and 6°C (42°F):

  • acts as a topical analgesic to manage the level of pain
  • prevents the build-up of fluid around the injury by decreasing the permeability of the blood vessel walls
  • reduces the metabolic response of cells so they require less oxygen resulting in less damage to a specific area
  • allows the body's natural healing process can begin to work more quickly and effectively

Cold salt water therapy or cryotherapy relies on the following attributes for its healing properties:

  • Water Temperature is maintained between 5 and 6°c (42° f), to minimize heat and inflammation, providing analgesic pain management plus inhibiting enzyme degeneration of tendons post injury.
  • Salt Concentration acts as a hypertonic poultice as well as having a natural healing effect on wounds. Water density increases with salt concentration, which in turn increases pressure to aid fluid and waste dispersal.
  • Aeration circulates the water to maintain consistent cold temperature and increases the dissolved oxygen content of the spa solution.